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Oak Tree Removal in East Hartford, Connecticut, CT

Oak Tree Removal

There are many varieties of oak trees which are common to many areas. Some types include the:  Pin, Shummard, Scarlet, White, Bur, Northern Red, and Live Oaks…

In general, the oak tree is slow growing a have high concentrations of tannins making them resistant to diseases and bug infestations.

Some are prone to ivy and moss, which can be removed allowing the oak to recover its beauty.  Its strength and grain markings are quite unique, making it a good commercial wood for furniture.  It is also known as one of the best wood for fuel burning.   

Oaks can also grow to be very large and may need to be trimmed or removed if they pose a hazard to a structure.

Give G’s Friendly Tree Service a call and we will come and take a look at your oak tree and give you a professional opinion on what is best for your safety.

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Oak Tree Removal
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Oak Tree Removal
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